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Photos and interviews by Cathy Richards

Linden celebrates its 42nd anniversary as a town with the festivities of the Linden Town Week 2012. We asked locals and visitors for their views on the celebrations, these are their comments.

Beverine Richards- ‘I am somewhat disappointed that we hadn’t any sort of local exhibits this year. Not everyone is into the partying and persons look forward to things that they can bring their families out to; I didn’t see any of that this year. There were a few and sad to say they were mainly from out of Linden.  We need to do a whole lot better and we can with a little more careful and considerate planning.’

 Vernon Todd-  ‘Town Week Activities have been different from the time it started, this year it has gotten worse. I mean back then you had more activities where young people could have gone and have fun, educational activities even for the school children. This year is just wining, drinking, dancing and inhaling nuff smoke. So this year for me is worse than ever.’

Elroy Hercules- ‘Well I feel it is better for the young people because they got a chance to go out and have fun. Less booths better for them. Less booths with all these educational stuff more fun. I had a lot of fun, I went to the Wismar Night, and I also went to the Big, Bold and Beautiful and saw a lot of pretty ladies. The all black last night was off the hook.’

Crystal Beckles- ‘It was nicer than last year because it had a lot of people and activities for everyone. Big, Bold and Beautiful was definitely it and Wismar night too but for the all black I just hang out a little. But I am expecting more activities next year.’

Antonella Bowman- `To me this year is not as good as the year before. In the past we had a lot of persons coming out and visiting our Satellite Table that we set up during the week. To me this one is more boring not so organized as before because you have a lot of vehicles parked all over the place. So I think it needs a little more organizing. Besides that I think they targeted the majority because most persons like partying but then again I think it is selfish because they don’t have any activity for persons who don’t like drinking. ‘

Allan Lewis- ‘I believe that next year Town Week will be way better, portray a lot of exhibits because as it is there is a lot of selling and it is a music thing with people having fun and stuff but I think they are supposed to put some exhibits in place. But business wise everything was ok.’

Vonetta Harris-  ‘I have been coming to Linden Town Week since it started, it’s a great experience you meet a lot of people who you haven’t seen in a long time. Today is the last day and I am waiting to have the best afternoon until 1:30 pm tomorrow. Party straight through.’

Gladwin Bowen – ‘From what I understand and looking at the list of events there was indeed a wide range of activities this year. What I am not sure of is if all those activities did come off. Linden Town Week was more business than fun and pleasure for me. Yes, it did bring some good money to the town but I think we as Lindeners can do much better.’

Anthony Harris – ‘Linden Town Week is something I have been coming to almost every year and to ask me what I think can be done to make it better I would say just keep on doing what you doing cause it brings me lots of fun. I get the wonderful opportunity to be among my people and that’s the best thing for me, it makes coming home so worth the while. Linden I love you, you will always be home for me no matter where I go and how long I stay. Happy birthday and let the party continue, let’s celebrate.’

Mikhail Marshall – `The Wismar night was a great experience for me it was good to see our people coming together as one to celebrate Linden’s Anniversary. It was sad to know that the town council took it on themselves to knock out the pageant and then they permitted other activities at Mackenzie when it was Wismar night. That was changing the trend of the celebrations but we all are having fun nonetheless. I think it’s a big plus that we have two international concerts back to back and well supported at the same time.’

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