This week we asked the man and woman in the street their thoughts about the recent hike in bus fares. Their views are as follows:

Carlon Barker

Carlon Barker- Self Employed
`I’m neutral in the matter because while they may need a raise in pay and have expenses in maintaining their vehicle, people’s monies are also low. I think between the heads of the United Minibus Association and the bus operators they need to work out something that is feasible for all parties involved. Personally, a raise at this time is hard. They need to take into consideration that people definitely do not have that sort of money. If the government can come to some decision to give the operators a discount on gas or parts to cushion the effect it would be good.’

Nemjie Rafferty

Nemjie Rafferty- Miner
`It is definitely a strain on the commuters’ pockets. The government should be able to control the bus fares and keep it at a low rate because if the fares keep going up, it will definitely affect persons who are barely earning and have to use the public transportation daily. Fares normally raise just like that because the authorities are not looking into it but the bottom line is that it will affect the ordinary man.’

Audrey Northe- Private Sector Employee
`Well I totally disagree with the raise in bus fares because I think it is hard on persons. Salaries are not raising and the price of gas hasn’t raised either so why are

Audrey Northe

fares raising? I don’t think they have any cause to raise the fares and it would affect persons a lot especially persons with children. They are the ones who will really feel the strain.’

Adrian Collymore- Student
`In every industry or market, the price of goods increases and not because they always go up the producers would ask for raises in the prices. The only persons who do that are the minibus drivers and every time gas prices go up they always want a raise and although the gas price is not up, the fare increase. It is outrageous. It will greatly affect persons who travel on a daily basis especially those travelling with children.’

Adrian Collymore

Charlene Stuart- Private Sector Employee
`The fare increase is putting a strain on the pockets of the travelling public and it is not fair that they raise the price since the gas price did not go up. Also, I don’t think the cost of maintaining a vehicle generally has gone up so unless they can give a good reason for raising the fares, I will not support them. This will affect persons who travel on a daily basis because a lot of people don’t earn enough and already finding it hard.’

Annanza Decourte- Private Sector Employee
`I don’t agree with the raise because it is hard on us commuters and it would affect me tremendously especially since we are not being paid enough to

Charlene Stuart

support that hike. If the price of gas had gone up then the increase would have been acceptable but I don’t agree with them. The bus operators too are sometimes unreasonable. Even the school children they don’t try to see with and demand $60 from them for short drops.’

 Asafo Jones- Media Operative
`I mean after all it is public transportation and it is their choice whether they want to raise their fares or not but I think that since the price of gas had not increased the fare should remain the same but it is their bus at the end of the day. Cost of living is at a standard rate and it would affect the persons depending on their financial commitments.’

Annanza Decourte

Raj Singh- Businessman
`A raise would definitely affect a person’s daily routine and the operators have no reason to raise their fares because as we know the price for gas has not increased so that is not fair to the travelling public. Salaries cover a certain amount of people’s budget and that increase would hinder that and even discourage them from working long distances.

Monica Nero- Private Sector Employee
`Actually, I think since the gas prices have not raised to a point where it is not affordable the fares should not have raised. To me I think they went overboard when they started to demand passengers to pay that extra money or else they

Asafo Jones

leave you stranded. The question is how many people can afford the increase and it adds to the burden of the single parents and that is unfair. Some would even take an extra from your fare.’

`Renan Simon- UG Student
`It’s too much because the price of gas has not raised and it is not fair for the fare to increase and as a student we have to get two buses which means additional expenses for us and we can’t afford that. It would affect us because we work hard for our monies.’

Renan Simon
Monica Nero
Raj Singh

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