Gunmen hold up Bollywood Night Club, four detained by cops

Four of six suspected gunmen who raided the Bollywood Night Club last night were held by police who surprised them on the premises and a M15 rifle was recovered.

A statement from the police today said that at about 2200h yesterday, owner of the Bollywood Night Club at Lamaha Street, Newtown, Irene Gooding, 62 years, and four of her employees were held up on the premises by six men, all armed with firearms. They were robbed of cash, jewellery and four cell phones.

The firearms recovered (Police photo)
The firearms recovered (Police photo)

The statement said that during the robbery a report was made to the police who responded promptly and upon their arrival at the scene, the perpetrators “scattered in different directions”. They were pursued by the police who detained four men.

The police also found a motor car with registration number HB 8692 parked in the vicinity of the Night Club with the engine running, which was suspected to have been used by the gunmen.

The police said that subsequent investigations revealed that the motor car’s correct registration number was PJJ 1072 and that it had been stolen earlier in the night from taxi driver Kevin Higgins, 29 years of George Street, Georgetown.

According to the statement, Higgins was hired by three men at Norton Street to be taken to Sophia, where he was held up by one of the men who was armed with an ice-pick. The men then took away his jewellery, cell phone and the car and drove away.

The car was searched and one .32 round was found inside. The area surrounding the Bollywood Night Club was searched and an M15 rifle with two magazines and 38 rounds of 5.56 calibre ammunition, an air pistol, a camouflage cap and two cell phones were found by the police.

The two cell phones, police said, have been identified by two of the victims of the Bollywood Night Club robbery as their property.

The four men are in police custody assisting with the investigations.

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