Guyanese woman stabbed to death in NY by husband

A Queens, New York man murdered his estranged wife in front of her terrified young daughter — and was held after cops tracked his bloody trail for three blocks, law-enforcement sources said today, according to the New York Post.

Sources said Diane Sharma, a 32-year-old mother of three whose two younger children also were at 117th Street, Jamaica home at the time, had had an order of protection against her Ukrainian husband, the report said.

The report said that the man had been arrested on September 2 for allegedly assaulting and choking his wife. She then took out the restraining order against him, the New York Post said.

He violated the order the next day, police sources told the New York Post.

The suspect is accused of slashing Sharma’s neck and stabbing her in the chest before fleeing.

“When we found her, she was lying on a bed with a knife sticking out of her neck,” one police source.  Sharma worked as a home-health aide.

The New York Post said that police responding to a report of an assault inside the home around 1 a.m. saw a trail of blood leading down the block. They followed it and found the blood-soaked husband three blocks away on 115th Street. He had cuts to his hands and arms.

A neighbour said the couple regularly engaged in violent arguments.

“He stabbed her because she wanted a divorce,” said the resident, who asked not to be identified. “They fight always, both at each other. They’re always crying, yelling, cursing at each other.”

Sharma had two sons, a 3- and 4-year-old, in addition to her daughter, but they did not witness the bloodbath, sources told the New York Post.

The suspect was taken to Jamaica Hospital and will likely be transferred to Bellevue Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, authorities said.