Over 1,000 Chinese awaiting legal status in Suriname

(de Ware Tijd) PARAMARIBO – Although the Chinese association Kong Ngie Tong Sang is content with last year’s results, it calls for a speedy settlement of the legal residence permit for over 1,000 Chinese. They have been waiting for more than three years to get their residence permit and for naturalization. Chairman Chee Yuk Kee, in his address on the Chinese New Year, did not go into details, but he expressed his desire that the incumbent Administration would work on a speedy settlement of this group’s position. ‘We are law-abiding citizens, living in peace with other ethnic groups and have earned our place in this community,’ Chee Yuk Kee said. Chinese have swarmed trade and industry sectors, agriculture, import, export and the construction industry. Chairman Chee Yuk Kee believes that this group will further expand its support for the development of the country. He is also quite content about the Chinese newspaper and radio station’s contribution. The Chinese school has had courses for several groups allowing them to learn to read and write Chinese. President Desi Bouterse considers the Year of the Dragon a significant event. There are several indicators that show that 2012 will be an extraordinary year globally, but primarily for the warm and friendly relations between Suriname and China. However, the diplomatic relations between the two countries have to be deepened. ‘We must do our utmost to bring people closer together instead of driving them apart. The dragon also stands for fortune and luck, and if there’s one thing we need in this life, it must be these.’ The head of state called on society to help the Chinese to mature their development. ‘Let’s celebrate the Year of the Dragon together and realize its characteristics: a year of peace, development, wealth and well-being for every Surinamese.’

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