‘Channa bomb’ again thrown at Sahoye-Shury’s house

The remnants of a Molotov cocktail were late Friday night found on the premises of the Campbellville home of politician Philomena Sahoye-Shury; the second such occurrence in as many months.

Police said in a press release yesterday that around 23:30 hours the remnants of a Molotov cocktail were found in the yard of the Sheriff and Canje street Section ‘K’ Campbellville house.

“Pieces of broken bottle, a quantity of channa and a wick from the ‘channa bomb’ were recovered at the scene. The device had not ignited and no damage was done to the building,” the release said adding that investigations are in progress.

Back in December, a similar occurrence took place at the said address and during an interview with this newspaper Sahoye-Shury, a long time PPP activist said that she was not afraid of whoever was behind the attacks.

The `fireball’ as she is popularly referred to had told this newspaper hours after a lit ‘channa bomb’ was thrown at her home that it was the third attack she had suffered at the hands of unknown persons.

The first, she said, was in January 2011 when a channa bomb was hurled at her home and then in March 2011 when her North Road office was broke into and its interior doused with kerosene.

“What I am saying also is they are cowards… If you are not a coward confront me. Let’s battle and see who will be the winner,” she said before going on to describe the attacks on her as terrorism.

She expressed the view that the attacks were politically motivated. “This is political. I am convinced now. Previously I was saying maybe it is a prank,” she said, while adding that the perpetrators had her property under surveillance and as a result knew where her cameras were and what would be the best angle to launch the attack without being captured.
Police are yet to find the person responsible for the attacks.

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