Two murders in the interior

The police say they are investigating the murder of a man so far known only as “Tall Man”, which occurred at about 1800h yesterday at Konawaruk Backdam.

Police say that investigations revealed that “Tall Man” and another man were involved in an argument during which he was chopped to his neck and other parts of his body.  He was pronounced DOA at the Mahdia Hospital. The suspect has not yet been arrested.

Meanwhile, the police are also investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of Brazilian national Raimundo Gomes Da Silva, 41 years, which occurred at about 0300h. yesterday at Black Water, Potaro.

Initial investigations have revealed that Da Silva and another Brazilian man were imbibing at a shop in the area during which both men left and went outside.

Da Silva was subsequently seen with blood on his clothing and is suspected to have been stabbed to his chest.  He was taken to the Mahdia Hospital where he was pronounced DOA.

The suspect is reported to have fled the scene on an ATV and is not yet arrested, police said.



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