Nearly 200 youths at ethnic day activity

Nearly 200 youth came together at the Carifesta Sports Complex yesterday to demonstrate their Guyanese pride as the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports held its annual Youth Ethnic Day activity.

Youths took to the stage performing dances, songs and even jokes and an impromptu guest facilitator also took some time to get the audience of both teachers and students up on their feet. Students taught each other various dance steps relative to the six races.

At lunch, various local cuisines were displayed and sampled. There was also a section in the building set up to educate all present on social issues and good health care practices. The day truly provided an avenue of information regeneration for many and in the words of one student, “this was a much needed experience”.

Glenna Toney social worker/youth officer said the objectives of the programme were to provide opportunities for young people to showcase their talent as it relates to traditional ethnic food and clothing, promote peace and harmony among our youths, provide an opportunity for young people to interact meaningfully while awakening an interest in our folk traditions and also foster greater understanding, awareness and appreciation of Guyana’s culture.

The day got off to a late start because of the rains but once it got started the youths paid rapt attention.
Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, Steve Ninvalle and guest Rawle Lucas also addressed the youths.

The event, one on the Mashramani calendar was held under the Mash theme, ‘Mashin with pride keepin we tradition alive’.

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