Recreational park opens at Tuschen

A new recreational park—the Double Day Fun Park—was on Sunday declared open at Tuschen by Prime Minister Samuel Hinds.

The recreational park, located opposite the Double Day Hotel, is another venture by the Bhola family, who, in addition to being the proprietors of the hotel also opened a library and operates a taxi service in the community.

“We have to balance the work and play… We must find time for leisure. We must have provisions for leisure,” the Prime Minister said, in commending the family for implementing plans that enhance their community.

According to a Government Information Agency (GINA) press release, trampolines, merry-go-round, slides, swings and other equipment have been installed in the colourful park. It also boasts a number of other amusing games for children.

Prime Minister Samuel Hinds cuts the ribbon to open the fun park assisted by Regional Chairman Julius Faerber and Mrs Faerber and Mr and Mrs Bhola.

Region Three Chairman Julius Faerber echoed Hinds commendation of the Bholas. “He has been doing work tremendously for this community and we applaud his effort for working closely in ensuring that the community is better,” he said of Mr Bhola.

The park is open to the public and it is free of cost. There is strictly no tolerance of alcohol consumption and smoking on the premises. “This park is opened for the public; care it and we will enjoy it,” Bhola said in his address to the community.

GINA noted that after the opening of the park, the prime minister visited the Parika stelling to observe renovations being made to accommodate the roll-on/roll-off ferries. Hinds noted that the environment has improved, saying that he observed less litter; shelters had been erected for passengers travelling by boat and all passengers had been wearing their life jackets.

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