Welder fined $30,000 for ‘chop up’ and ‘bullet’ threats to a woman

A 38-year-old welder accused of telling a woman he will ‘chop her up’ and ‘put a bullet in her head’ was yesterday fined $30,000 after he appeared in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court.

The court heard that on February 15 at Barr and Alexander Streets, Kitty, the accused Haimnauth used threatening language to Onika Nauth. The man was charged for threatening the woman twice on the day of the incident. The man pleaded guilty after the charges were read to him by Magistrate Hazel Octave-Hamilton.

Haimnauth is also charged with assaulting Lyndon Williams so as to cause the man actual bodily harm.

In presenting the facts regarding the use of threatening language, Prosecutor Gordon Mansfield said that the defendant and the VC reside in the same yard but in a different house. He added that on the day the defendant was consuming alcohol and when he saw the VC passing  he informed the woman that he wished to have a conversation with her. The VC refused to speak with the accused, Mansfield said, and the man told her that he will “chop her up”.

The woman became afraid and reported the matter at the police station. When she returned from the police station, the man further threatened the woman to put a “bullet in her head”. The lawmen subsequently went to the defendant’s home and the man was arrested and charged.

After listening to the facts, the defendant was fined $15,000 on each charge and was placed on a one-year bond to keep the peace.

The man was granted $20,000 bail on the assault charge and the  matter will be called again on March 16.

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