Man chopped to death at Konawaruk ID’d

The man who was hacked to death at Konawaruk Backdam, in Region Eight, on Monday has been positively identified as Troy Anthony Burkett and his relatives yesterday pleaded with the police to ensure that they get justice.

Up to press time last evening, the suspect in Burkett’s murder was still at large and investigators were extensively questioning the suspect’s girlfriend.

When Stabroek News visited the Bissessar Street, Prashad Nagar, Georgetown home of Burkett, 42, also known as “Tall Man,” his relatives were distraught. His sister-in-law, Merviana Blackman, recounted that investigators told her that Burkett went to a creek to bathe and met the suspect and his girlfriend. The suspect, she said, told Burkett that he could not approach as the woman was having a bath. After an exchange of words, Burkett reportedly left.

Blackman stated that the suspect later went to the camp where Burkett was sleeping in a hammock and began chopping him. She said that it is unclear what was used but it had to have been something sharp that inflicted the wounds she saw. “He get a brutal death,” she said, while adding that when she saw Burkett’s remains at the funeral parlour in the city, there was a gaping wound to the man’s neck and countless chop wounds on his arms and head. She said that the attack was so brutal that even the man’s collar bone was visible.

Blackman recalled that on Tuesday one of the man’s sisters received a message stating that he had died and their worst fears were confirmed when the body was brought to the city by police. “You could imagine how his mother feels about this. Nobody deserves to die like dat,” she said, as the man’s grieving mother, June Ann, sat nearby.

Further, Blackman noted that based on what the police told her, the circumstances did not warrant such a reaction from the suspect. She believed there was more to the attack but noted that her family does not have the resources to pursue the case. “We would like to see the effectiveness in the justice system,” she said, while explaining that so far the family has confidence in the police based on their actions so far.

Meanwhile, June Ann said that Burkett, her eldest son, had been living in the interior for 10 years and he considered Konawaruk Backdam his home. She said that he worked as a digger. She last saw him four years ago. After not being able to return home for Christmas, he made a promise to do so for Mashramani.

According to June Ann, he would often call to let then know he was in good health and he was a peaceful and jovial person. In the light of the tragedy, she said, justice is the only thing on her mind.

The man’s mother and sister-in-law called on the Guyana Police Force to pay more attention to interior locations, while pointing to an earlier report from female dredge owners that police do very little to protect them. They said that more security is needed as it is persons from the city who are travelling to the interior areas and committing robberies.

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