Mash comes early to New Amsterdam

Mashramani celebrations started early in Region Six, when the inaugural New Amsterdam parade was held on Thursday.

Organised by the New Amsterdam Mash Committee under the theme “On the Road Again,” the parade attracted hundreds who lined the road at Stanleytown to see the bands. The bands, which drew participation from the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, the New Amsterdam Technical Institute, Tucber Park, the Alphonso Group and the New Amsterdam Psychiatric Hospital, moved off at midday and revellers moved their bodies to energetic soca music as they headed to the New Amsterdam stelling road, where the parade ended.

A part of the New Amsterdam Psychiatric Hospital’s band that was intended to sensitize the public about the dangers of smoking.

Although annual Region Six Mashramani celebrations are still on for tomorrow in New Amsterdam, the committee planned the parade and other activities after residents said that they wanted to join in the celebrations on February 23rd, like their fellow citizens in

Members of the Alphonso Group’s band

Georgetown. Mashramani celebrations in the region are usually held on the Sunday after the celebrations in the city.

In an invited comment, Chairperson of the Committee, Maxciene Williams, said the event “was a major success” while already promising that next year’s “would be bigger and better.” Williams stated that the parade showcased excellent talent, while noting that all the floats were locally designed. She also thanked all the spectators for their support and the bands for their participation as well as the major sponsors.

art of the New Amsterdam Technical Institute’s contingent

The committee’s festivities will close next Wednesday, with an award ceremony at the New Amsterdam Town Hall.






The Tucber Park band during Thursday’s Mashramani celebrations in New Amsterdam

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