Licence Revenue Office moving to improve processing of drivers’ licences

The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) is in the process of implementing a computerized system of processing drivers’ licences which will be introduced in the third quarter of this year, the GRA’s Public Relations Unit said in a press release.
The new system will facilitate the quick processing of drivers’ licences and drivers will be issued with a printed driver’s licence that will have security features which will be difficult to forge.

According to the release, the GRA will be introducing several new systems and procedures in order to alleviate the frustration faced by members of the public and reduce the length of time spent waiting at the Licence Revenue Office to renew their driver’s licence.

Meanwhile, in the interim, before the implementation of the computerized driver’s licence, the GRA will be using a new system for processing since the authority does not wish to relax their controls and lose revenue and/or create any loopholes for fraudulent transactions.

The GRA will now be renewing a driver’s licence within two days of receipt of the application. Persons would be required to drop off their documents for renewal of the driver’s licence and will be given a permit to drive for three days. They will be asked to return the next day in the afternoon or the following day in the morning depending on when the application is received, the release stated.

The GRA has already computerized the Motor Vehicle Licences and Registration and Trade and Miscellaneous Licences processes and will shortly be issuing printed Motor Vehicle Registration Certificates and Trade and Miscellaneous Licences.
The number of drivers has increased significantly over the years and consequently the existing procedures can no longer be used without significant delays because of the sheer volume of transactions to be processed, the release added.

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