‘Smoky’ jailed for Little Rock, minibus armed robberies

A labourer who pleaded guilty to five counts of armed robbery, including that committed on the staff of Little Rock Hotel and television station was yesterday sentenced to 5 years in prison on each count. The sentences will run concurrently.

Mignauth Premraj called ‘Smoky’, 36, of Smythfield, New Amsterdam did not waste the court’s time. He refused counsel, telling Magistrate Adela Nagamootoo that he was au fait with the penalties. He only asked that his 25-year sentences run concurrently so that in effect he will only spend 5 years in jail. Police Prosecutor was Inspector Donna Grant-Fraser had related to the court that on February 3, Premraj, armed with a gun and in company with others robbed  minibus driver  Chetram Sirkissoon called Ravi, 55, of Rose Hall Town of $260,000, property of James Ross.

He also robbed Thakoordyal Ramshair, a passenger of a driver’s licence and $14,000.

He confessed to stealing the minibus—BMM 959—valued $2 million, property of Inderjeet Deosarran.

Premraj also robbed Little Rock employees Vinesh Dindyal and Khemraj Lallberry. He accompanied by another man had posed as customers and gone to Little Rock at Vryman’s Erven. There they robbed Dindyal of a cellular phone, a wrist watch and a gold ring totalling $200,000. Lalberry was relieved of a cellular phone, a gold ring and a gold chain valued $162,000.

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