Couple bonded after wife praises husband accused of assaulting her

A woman yesterday praised her spouse who was appearing before Magistrate Allan Wilson in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court accused of assaulting her during a misunderstanding over  money and admitted that she pulled his hair too.

Vicky Bacchus allegedly assaulted Michelle Russel on February 24  after a misunderstanding over money he had asked her to borrow from her uncle,  causing her to report the matter to the Ruimveldt Police Station.
Prosecutor Jairam Luckhai in stating the facts of the case said  that on the day of the incident at about 07:00 hrs the virtual complainant (VC) asked her husband for some money he had borrowed from her and he got annoyed and started to assault her.

She then made a report to the police and he was subsequently charged.

However, in court the VC said that the defendant took her with her four children and takes care of them and while he had assaulted her she admitted pulling his hair too.

The two were placed on a bond to keep the peace.

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