Popeye’s robbed by gunmen

Two gun-toting men last evening robbed the Popeye’s fast food outlet of the day’s takings, prompting a call by staff for armed security at the outlet. The Vlissengen Road fast food outlet has been robbed on several occasions in the past and last evening the intruders escaped with $389,000, the police said this morning.

According to a staff member, sometime around 9 pm amid light rain, two men walked into the fast food outlet to ‘make a purchase’. One of the men approached the cashier while the other walked in the direction of the washroom.

According to a cashier, “the one ordering was counting some money and he mek one turn around and pull out a gun and I fall down while he jump over and collect the money”. She said the men cleared all four cash registers before leaving the eatery. Three customers were at the time at the fast food outlet. No one was harmed.

The men fled in a waiting car, a staff member noted and according to him, it was the third time he recalled the outlet being robbed. He said there needed to be armed security at the restaurant in order to prevent further attacks by criminals.

Police were carrying out investigations at the fast food outlet when this newspaper visited.

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