Flooding suspends court hearings

Hearings at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court were suspended yesterday after heavy rain battered the city leaving most places inundated.

Complainants, defendants, relatives and the media braved the floods only to be told, when they arrived at the Middle Street location that the magistrate had called to say he would not be there.

Many persons with court hearings scheduled for yesterday were seen turning back when told of the court’s closure

Mixed reactions were shared as some staff felt good that work was off for the day and they would be returning home early while others expressed disappointment at having to trudge through the flood.

Those with court hearings were heard inquiring what will become of their cases but there was no direct response from those in authority who were more concerned with getting valuables away from the flood.

However one staff took the time to advise that court cases are likely to resume on Monday, March 5, provided the weather lets up.

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