Mabaruma hospital needs more technical staff

Minister of Health, Dr Bheri Ramsaran said though health services are improving in Region One there is need for more technical staff at the Mabaruma hospital, when he visited the area recently.

According to a Government Information Agency (GINA) press release, Ramsaran urged the administrator at the hospital to select someone to be trained as a lab technician to boost the services offered to patients.

A laboratory was recently built at the hospital and equipment to furnish the facility will soon be delivered and installed. The hospital has eye care and vaccination programmes. Persons who need reading glasses can also obtain them at a reduced cost. Regarding the vaccination programme, 15 antigens are available at the institution and at the other large institutions at Moruca and Matthews Ridge. However, there are challenges with accessing remote areas and storing and transporting the vaccines properly.

In advancing the promotion of the vaccination programme, the minister reiterated the importance of parents allowing their daughters to access the introduced vaccine which in the long-run will prevent them getting cervical cancer. In addition to maternal and child health, emphasis was also placed on the delivery of VIA screening, diagnosis and treatment, and care in preventing mother to child transmission of HIV. He then encouraged the administrator to make full use of theatre which is equipped with two ventilators. While the hospital does not have a full time surgical team, it   is visited by teams of roving doctors.

While in Region One, Ramsaran also met with the Regional Health Department and introduced officials to Hinterland Coordinator, Michael Gouveia who has oversight for health in the hinterland communities. He encouraged the parties to maintain communication so that necessary interventions can be made when required. He also said that the Ministry of Local Government had employed someone to maintain the link between the regions and the health and education ministries to ensure the smooth flow of communication.

With regard to proper sanitation in the region, Ramsaran said an appropriate spot must be selected for garbage disposal. He said the Chief Environmental Health Officer is set to visit the region to assist the community in this regard. He also noted that training in nursing and as a nursing assistant, community health worker and lab technician are also available and he urged the youths of the community to capitalise on these opportunities.

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