Rain over last day surpassed total February predictions

As La Nina weather conditions persist over Guyana, sections of the coastland were under several inches of water yesterday even as more rains were predicted last evening.

According to the Hydromet Department of the Agriculture Ministry, rainfall recorded for Georgetown within a 24-hour period ending yesterday exceeded the amount of rainfall expected for the entire month for most locations.

The agency said for the month, the average rainfall recorded in the city stood at 92mm, however, the figure collected for the preceding 24-hour period ending yesterday was 129mm.

The highest recorded data indicated that the rain was especially prevalent in Region Two, and weather stations provided figures ranging between 25 to 100mm of rainfall. According to the agency, overcast conditions with intermittent rainfall activities were expected to continue over coastal regions and near inland locations last evening. In addition, variable cloudy conditions were forecast over other areas with occasional showers. Rainfall quantities may exceed 50mm, the agency noted.

The Doppler/Radar imagery generated yesterday afternoon indicated additional rainfall heading towards the Coastland.

Yesterday, the ministry noted that flood conditions were reported at low-lying and flood prone areas within regions Two, Three, Four and Six and it was noted that all pumps and sluices positioned along the Coastland were operational.

Meanwhile, excess water was being discharged from the East Demerara Water Conservancy (EDWC) via the Cunha and Kofi outlets. The ministry noted that works to maintain the dams along the water holding area were ongoing while the levels of the conservancy are being monitored. Yesterday, the level of the EDWC was recorded as 57.95 GD (Georgetown Datum) at Flagstaff, 57.65 GD at Lama and 56.75 GD at Land of Canaan.

The safe operating level of the conservancy is 57.50GD. The Ministry of Agriculture yesterday urged citizens living in low-lying and flood prone areas to take all necessary precautions to guard against flooding as the prevailing La Nina weather conditions are expected to continue until this month end.

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