Linden bus lands in creek after collision

A Route 43 (Linden – Georgetown) minibus carrying 14 passengers drove off a main road at Mackenzie into a creek, after it was allegedly hit by another bus on Wednesday night.

Dwayne Charles, aka ‘Uncle,’ the driver of the ill-fated bus, told Stabroek News that the accident occurred shortly after 6pm.

He said he was proceeding along Sir David Rose Avenue, when a green and white 32-seater bus, ‘Break Through,’ drove out of Henderson Road and hit his vehicle on the side, causing him to crash into the Cockatara Creek.

“I see he and I blow on he, but he coming out with a speed, hit me in and mek I run off into the trench,” Charles said, adding that the errant driver drove off without stopping.

Charles’ bus came to rest on its side in the creek with its full compliment of 14 passengers, the driver and a conductor. As it sank, several persons rushed to the scene to assist the passengers. Some were able to climb through the windows while others had to be pulled to safety.

Most suffered multiple minor injuries and were taken to the Linden Hospital Complex.

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