Teen granted $600,000 bail over six break-ins

A Lamaha Springs teen was yesterday placed on $600,000 bail after he appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court facing six counts of breaking  and entering the homes of Lamaha Springs residents and stealing jewellery and household articles valued over $4M.

Eighteen-year-old Hakeem Hope of 37 Lamaha Springs is accused of breaking and entering the home of Brian Mc Kenzie at 173 Block N Demerara Street, Lamaha Springs on February 15 and stealing jewellery and cosmetics valued $1,657,000; on February 20 at Lot N 27 George Avenue he reportedly stole cash and household items valued $132,100,  property of Kurt Curbin; between January 1 and 4 he allegedly stole from the home of Sheila Tyrell at 296 Berbice Street, Lamaha Springs a quantity of household articles valued $201,000; from Lavern Lawrence of 26 Mazaruni Street, Lamaha Springs he allegedly stole $1.1M in cash on February 22; and between November 20 and 30 last year and February 3 he reportedly stole a quantity of household items valued $944,000 from George Jacobs of 31 Section M Emanuel Street, Lamaha Springs and from Donald Wallerson of 229 Berbice Street, Lamaha Springs. He was also charged with Leron Lewis.

Charged with receiving the stolen items from Hope was 48-year-old vendor Rafpaul Lindo of Lot 200 Mocha Village, East Bank Demerara and 22-year-old Selwin Devonish and they were both admitted to $75,000 bail each after they pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Hope pleaded not guilty to all the charges and he was represented by Attorney-at-Law Ronald Burch-Smith.

The cases were first called in Court One  by acting Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry but were transferred to Court Two to Magistrate Sueanna Lovell where the defendants were all admitted to bail and ordered to appear in court again on March 27.

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