Youth Coalition urges citizens to end litter culture

–more resources for councils

The Youth Coalition for Transformation (YCT) is urging Guyanese to be more conscious of their surroundings, saying that town councils should not wholly be blamed for the build up of garbage, as citizens too are at fault.

At a press conference yesterday at Mayor Hamilton Green’s Boardroom, YCT member Shondel Hope suggested that members of the public form small groups and work towards cleaning their communities and enhancing their respective environments.

“We have to do away with the culture that some have adopted of dumping garbage whenever and wherever it suits us. Why would you want to dump food boxes, bottles, pieces of clothing, beds, stoves, fridges, etc in our canals and drains? It will eventually disrupt the smooth flow of water and lead to flooding,” she said.

Hope said too that in order to avoid severe flooding, which usually results in loss of millions by farmers, the government has to look at reforming the drainage system.

“It’s heartbreaking to see poor families investing in farming and [they] are unable to enjoy their returns. How often can they keep this up? Some farmers were just recovering from the January floods only to have their crops and livestock destroyed for a second time in less than two months,” she reminded.

She noted that town councils have been starved of finances by the government. This, Hope said, has come in the form of refusal of independent projects.

“By not allowing them a share of the environmental taxes collected on the same metal, plastic, glass or cardboard container of any alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage imported into Guyana, by not increasing rates and taxes, encouraging their friends not to pay rates and taxes, selling of public buildings and not giving the councils revenue that belongs to them, and stoppage of revenue collection,” she added, listing ways in which she said the government has stalled development within councils.

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