Looking for Gaitree

The Non Profit Organization Hope Guyana  is urgently trying contact a  mother of 11 named Gaitree (only name given) to hand over a house promised to her for some time by the agency.

Speaking with Stabroek News, representatives of the charitable organization, an affiliate of Guyana Christian Charities (Canada) Inc—Arnold Gulab and Kamal Seebaran—said that Gaitree’s last known address was stated as somewhere in Canal Number Two. Prior to that location she had lived at Canal Number One and some sources have said she may now be living somewhere in Vreed-en-Hoop on the West Bank Demerara.

The representative explained that the charitable organisation had met the woman some time ago and had signalled her as the next recipient of a home.  Gaitree had explained that it was very hard on her and her 11 children living as virtual nomads since they constantly moved and it had interrupted schooling of the children.

The Christian group hopes that someone reading this article may be able to inform Gaitree about the awaiting home since after a certain time would have expired, it would go to the recipient next in line.

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