Laptop programme head resigned after tensions – Luncheon

Head of the Presidential Secretariat and Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger

Luncheon today at his weekly post-Cabinet media briefing said that Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the One Laptop per Family (OLPF) Sesh Sukhdeo resigned after tensions surfaced.

Sukhdeo’s sudden departure earlier this month raised questions about whether there were other difficulties in this much-vaunted government project.

GINA said that in response to a question in this regard, Dr. Luncheon explained that, “in the wake of the 2012 period of the implementation of the OLPF and an intensive review of engagements in 2011, there obviously developed some tensions and along the way the CEO offered his resignation to the Office of the President.”

Luncheon added that Sukhdeo’s resignation was accepted though not immediately, after a decision was made by the Office of the President (OP) to utilise his services under similar terms and conditions as a replacement for Project Coordinator for the ICT development for Guyana, Rachel Dhanraj who was accommodated at OP.

Luncheon added that a collective approach is now being exercised in

the interim while another CEO for OLPF is sought.


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