Dudus sentencing postponed again

(Jamaica Observer) Former Tivoli Gardens strongman Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke sentencing was again postponed by United States Judge Robert P Patterson in a Manhattan Federal Court today.  Judge Patterson said there was not enough evidence provided by the prosecutors to warrant the 23-year maximum sentence that they had sought

The sticking issue revolved around the allegations of criminal conduct including rapes and murders which the prosecution had contended in the case against Coke. The judge subsequently set May 22 for an evidentiary hearing to allow the prosecution to provide evidence supporting their claim.

In an interview with Coke lead defense attorney, Stephen H Rosen, spoke of the need for the prosecution to provide evidence to support the allegations failing which it is likely that Coke’s sentence could be reduced.

Rosen said that the defense had asked the Judge to make a ruling on the matter and he felt that the judge’s action today was one which he had sought to protect Coke’s rights.

Rosen said that to prove their point the prosecution will need to possible bring people from Tivoli Gardens to give evidence about the allegations.

Coke, who seemed to have lost weight, looked upbeat and greeted his supporters with a smile a wave and a thumbs up.  He was dressed in civilian clothes.

Some of his supporters including his aunt, expressed frustration over how long it was taking to finalise the sentencing.



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