CAL takes on REDjet void

(Jamaica Gleaner) WESTERN BUREAU:
In response to the sudden suspension of all flights by low-budget carrier, REDjet last night, Caribbean Airlines (CAL) has put in place measures to rescue stranded passengers across the region.

In a media release this afternoon CAL said it will adjust its scheduled operations by adding additional seats for sale.

“Caribbean Airlines remains committed to our CARICOM family and will continue to exceed our customers’ expectations,” said an airline spokesperson in the release.

The airline said it is well positioned to meet the travel demands of regional passengers and will continue to provide added value, while serving its customers with a reliable and flexible schedule that is all inclusive.

“We have no intention of adjusting our fares upwards and have planned significant capacity for the Easter and Summer Vacations as we enter into our wide body programme,” said the carrier.

On Friday, REDjet’s CEO Ian Burns announced that the carrier would suspend all its flights until further notice.

REDjet blamed its current problems on government susbsidy of other airlines in the region.

“REDjet does not receive any assistance and is hopeful that we will be given a small part of the State assistance others receive, as it will allow us to get our recently approved and exciting new routes established and profitable,” said Burns.

He said once this happens, shareholders and staff will do their utmost to see that there is no return to high fares and business as usual.

“We have seen other carriers drastically cut their fares in an effort to shut down REDjet and return to high fares and business as usual with no regard to the negative impact on travellers. Unlike us, they do not have to be profitable to stay in business,” Burns said.


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