T&T 158-1 against Guyana

(Trinidad Express) Today was indeed a very intriguing day. We look forward to having you with us tomorrow for what is expected to be another exciting day of cricket. Good evening and goodbye.

 REGIONAL UPDATE: LEE 121/5 off 38 overs. & 138 vs BAR 317. Leewards trail by  58 runs on 1st Innings.

WIN 106/4 & 149 vs CCC 208.

AT CLOSE: Leon Johnson bowled the final over of the day’s play and Barclay defended every ball, even a full toss, to ensure that T&T do not suffer any late setback. T&T go in on a solid reply of 158/1 off 75 overs, with Adrian Barath 74* and Marlon Barclay, 33*.

The day’s honours definitely goes to T&T who snapped up Guyana’s last four wickets for 30 runs and then had two solid partnerships to leave them in a very good position.

The first partnership between Gullien and Barath yielded 73 runs before Gullien went. That was followed by an unbroken second wicket stand of 85 between Barath and Barclay.

Bowling for Guyana:  Bess 7-3-16-0, Barnwell 3-0-21-0, Beaton 4.1-1-11-0, Fudadin 3-0-13-0, Deonarine 26-9-39-0, Permaul 30-15-48-1, Johnson 1-1-0-0.

After 74 overs: T&T 158/1 (Barath 74*, Barclay 33*)

A good over for T&T as it produces 11 runs. Four byes plus a classical front foot drive through the covers by barath shows that he still alert and looking for any opportunity to score.

After 72 overs: T&T 147/1 (Barclay 32*, Barath 69*)

After some 50 odd overs from Deonarine and Permaul we have a bowling change. Bess replaces Deonarine at the Brian Lara end. He starts with a maiden. Deonarine has bowling figures of 26-8-37-0. A marathon spell indeed.

After 69 overs: T&T 145/1 (Barath 67*, Barclay 32*)

Barath picks up five runs in the over. Some loose bit of fielding allows two overthrows to give Barath four runs. Seems like the pressure is getting to the fielders.

After 67 overs: T&T 1401 (Barclay 32*, Barath 62*)

The batsmen continue to make steady progress despite some tight bowling. The second wicket partnership is worth 67 runs and they will be looking to see out the evening and come back tomorrow to build on what is a solid start

After 63 overs: T&T 134/1 (Barath 61*, Barclay 27*)

Barath finally opens his hands against Permaul. He hits him through extra cover for a boundary and then goes over mid-on for another. This is definitely the most expensive over Permaul has bowled.

Excellent batting by both Barath and Barclay in the face of very testing and accurate bowling from the spinners. They have displayed a tremendous amount of patience in coping with what has been thrown at them thus far.

After 62 overs: T&T 126/1 (Barclay 27*, Barath 53*)

Barclay survives a chance. He hit one from Deonarine the went high to deep mid-wicket and Crandon running some twenty metres back got his hands to the ball but could not hold on to the catch. Risky shot by Barclay

DRINKS: Good opportunity to stretch the legs. Barath survived a loud LBW appeal just before the drinks break. Not Out was the decision.

After 60 overs: T&T 122/1 (Barclay 23*, Barath 53*)

Well it was a long time in coming. Barclay finally breaks the spell of T&T not having scored a boundary. He got one from Deonarine that was given a  bit more air and he got back and cut it to the point boundary. This would relieve some pressure on the batsmen.

After 57 overs: T&T 118/1 (Barath 53*, Barclay 19*)

Another maiden over from Permaul who has so far bowled 22 overs and taken one wicket for 30 runs. The batsmen must be given credit for weathering the storm since the fall of Gullien’s wicket. Scoring has been difficult but they have kept their composure and are still standing strong.

After 54 overs: T&T 116/1 (Barclay 19*, Barath 51*)

Barath has played well to get to his half century. It took him 199 minutes and was laced with four boundaries. He will be looking to carry on to get a century and help T&T erase Guyana’s 290.

After 52 overs: T&T 114/1.( Barath 49*, Barclay 19*)

Quick single to square-leg.by Barath. The attempt to run him out misses but had it hit he would have been in deep trouble. I’ve lost touch when the last boundary was scored but its definitely been a while now.

After 49 overs: T&T 110/1 (Barclay 17*, Barath 47*)

Again another probing over from Permaul. He gets Barath to play a rash shot in an attempt to clear the man at mid-on and misses althogether. Barath finally showing sign of the pressure getting to him.

After 47 overs: T&T 103/1 (Barath 41*, Barcxlay 16*)

Permaul delivers another probing over. He has Barath in two minds as he plays and miss on two ocassions.

After 45 overs: T&T 100/1 (Barclay 16*, Barath 41*)

Doenarine and Permaul vs Barclay and Barath. An enthralling contest of wits and application. It will be interesting to see who will bow to the pressure, the batsmen or the bowlers.Right now the bowlers are doing the job and leaving it to the batsmen to take risks if they want to score.

After 42 overs: T&T 100/1 (Barath 41*, Barclay 16*)

T&T’s hundred came up off 41.2 overs. Both batsmen are very circumspect. Having erased the first hundred they would wnat to chip away at the remaining 191 to get T&T to first innings honours.

POST TEA SESSION: The playesr are back out and Barath will face Permaul first over after the break.

REGIONAL UPDATE: At Tea: WINDWARDS 11/2 & 149 vs CCC 208

LEE 19/1. 5 overs & 138 vs BAR 317. Leewards trail by 160 runs.

AT TEA: T&T 98/1 off 40 overs (Barclay 16*, Barath 39*)

It’s tea time and the players and umpires walk off the field.

A really good contest between bat and ball with the ball holding the spotlight since the fall of Gullien’s wicket at 73. Since then Barath and Barclay have held their head and offer good resistance to some testing spin bowling from Deonarine and Permaul.

See you back in twenty minutes.

After 38 overs: T&T 95/1 (B.arath 38*, Barclay 14*)

A couple of sharp singles by the batsmen keeps the scoreboard ticking over. It also puts some pressure on the fielders. A bit of consolidation by the batsmen after the loss of Gullien’s wicket.

After 35 overs: T&T 93/1 (Barclay 13*, Barath 37*)

Very slow going indeed from the batsmen but it is to their credit that they are playing each ball on merit and are not making any rash shots. Good spell of bowling from Permaul and Deonarine

After 33 overs: T&T 90/1 (Barath 35*, Barclay 12*)

Barclay and Barath are being quite patient as the bowling has been quite good from Deonarine and Permaul operating in tandem.

After 31 overs: T&T 86/1 (Barclay 8*, Barath 35*)

Permaul and Deonarine have really turned the screws on T&T’s batting. The pair are getting the ball to turn and have been bowling a good line and length.

After 26 overs: T&T 80/1 (Barclay 5*, Barath 33*)

Barclay plays a powerful extra cover drive to the boundary. Deonarine gave one a little bit more air and Barclay got on the front foot and drove it powerfully.

After 23 overs: T&T 76/1. (Barath 33*, Barclay 1*)

Permaul follows up his previous over where he got the wicket of Gullien with another tight one. Barclay gets off the mark with a flick.

WICKET: Gullien c wk Christian b Permaul 34. T&T 73/1

Gullien gives it away again after getting a good start. He played at an arm ball from Permaul that just drifted away while Gullien was expecting it to come back in. He gets the edge and the wicketkeeper Christian cleans up the catch.

Gullien was showing signs of him losing concentration. He played a couple injudicious shots a few balls before when there was no need to do so. Once again he fails to build on a solid foundation.

After 19 overs: T&T 71/0 (Barath 30*, Gullien 33*)

Gullien gets a life on 33 at forward short leg. He pushed one that turned on him straight to C. Hemral and he dropped what was a sharp chance. Gullien also survived a false shot earlier when he got one on the inner edge of the bat that flew over the head of Sarwan at mid-on and down to the boundary for four.

After 17 overs: T&T 61/0 (Barath 28*, Gullien 25*)

Close call for Barath as he called for a sharp single and just beat the throw coming in from Bess. The square leg umpire signals he’s safe. Barath showed that he is very quick between the wicket.

After 16 overs: T&T 57/0 (Gullien 24*, Barath 26*)

Barath plays a classic cover drive from one that was pitched up to him. He was on the front foot in a flash and the ball raced to the boundary before any of the fielders could move. What a shot by Barath.

After 15 overs: T&T 51/0 (Barath 20*, Gullien 24*)

Permaul replaces Barnwell at the Media Center end. He dropped one short to Gullien and is pulled over deep mid-wicket to the boundary. Bad ball by Permaul and it got the treatment it deserved.

After 14 overs: T&T 46/0 (Gullien 20*, Barath 19*)

Asad Fudadin replaced Brandon Bess at the Brian Lara end, and Gullien executes a late cut to pick up two runs out to extra cover. Good running by the batsmen as the ball went straight to Permaul but they took two from what should have been only one.

After 13 overs: T&T 44/0 (Barath 19*, Gullien 17*)

Barnwell gets the edge of both Gullien and Barath’s bat but on both ocassions the ball fell safe. Barath picked up his second four in the over by flicking Branwell of his pads to the boundary.

After 12 overs: T&T 35/0 (Gullien 17*, Barath 11*)

Barath and Gullien have been rotating the strike by picking up the singles quite comfortably. Bess may be called upon to bowl for a lenghty period following the injury to Beaton.

After 10 overs: T&T 30/0 (Barath 8*, Gullien 15*)

Beaton bowled the first delivery and pulled up on his follow through. He is assisted in hobbling off the field and Bess finishes the over for him. It would be unfortunate for Guyana if Beaton’s injury is serious enough to prevent him from bowlingl for the rest of the match.

After 9 overs: T&T 28/0 (Gullien 14*, Barath 8*)

Barnwell replaced Brandon Bess and Barath greeted him with a flourisning extra-cover drive for a  boundary to get off the mark. T&T picks up eight runs in the over from Barnwell’s medium paced offering.

POST LUNCH SESSION: The umpires and players are back out in the middle as they get set for the post lunch session. T&T will be looking forward to a big score from the experienced Adrian Barath.

This session will be crucial to both teams, especially T&T as they seek to chased down 290 plus.

We break for lunch and I am not quite sure what I’ll be having but see you back in 40 minutes time.

REGIONAL UPDATE: At Lunch: BAR 241/7 74 overs.(Dowrich 50*, C. Brathwaite 19*) vs. LEE 138. Barbados’ lead is now 103

At Lunch: CCC 149/6. (F Reifer 20*, Holder 13*) vs WIN 149. Scores are level with CCC having four first innings wickets in hand.

RECAP: The morning session definitely belongs to T&T. They were able to capture the last four Guyanese wickets for the addition of just 30 runs with overnight batsmen Sviv Chanderpaul adding one to be out for 80 while Christian fell for his overnight score of 18.

They then chalked up 20 runs without the loss of any wicket In reply.

AT LUNCH: T&T 20/0 off seven overs (Barath 0*, Gullien 14*)

It has been a positive start by T&T. They will look to solidify thier position on the resumption after lunch.

After 6 overs: T&T 20/0 (Gullien 14*, Barath 0*)

Gullien is looking in good touch as he drive Beaton to the midwicket fence for a boundary.  He has overshadowed his more experienced opening partner, who’s yet to get off the mark.

After 5 overs: T&T 16/0 (Barath 0*, Gullien 10*)

A wayward over from Bess who seems to have lost his ryhthm somewhat. He delivered four wides in an over that was all over the place. A very scrappy over indeed as GUY also gives away a bye.

After 4 overs: T&T 10/0  (Gullien 10*, Barath 0*)

Gullien executes a beautiful cover drive that goes all the way to the boundary. He has had most of the strike thus far.

After 2 overs: T&T 3/0 (Barath 0*, Gullien 3*)

Gullein gets T&T scoring going with a well executed cover drive that brought him three runs

T&T’s REPLY: Barath faced the first over from Brandon Bess and sees out a maiden.

REGIONAL UPDATE: BAR 204/6 63 overs. (Dowrich 38*, Jordan 1*). vs LEE 138.

CCC 116/6 off 46 overs vs WINDWARDS 149.

T&T BOWLING:  Gabriel 26-6-64-3, Emrit 18.4-9-35-3, Khan 14-2-52-1, Kanhai 15-4-43-1, J Mohammed 1-0-4-0, Kantasingh 19-5-47-1, Cooper 9-1-32-1.

Credit to Emrit and Gabriel for some aggressive bowling this morning. But as I mentioned yeaterday, Guyana’s first innings was reminiscent of T&T’s last match against Jamaica. They had the Jamaicans 84/6 and let them off the hook to score 290. Guyana was in a similar position at 87/4 and they also got 290

WICKET: Beaton LBW Emrit 8. GUY all out for 290 off 102.4 overs.

Emit does it again. He had Beaton playing and missing one that was pitched on offstump and held its line. The appeal went up and the umpire raised the dreaded finger.

Beautiful bowling by Emrit and Gabriel this morning to remove the last four wickets, including that of the well-set Chanderpaul, for just 30 runs and preventing the visitors from getting to 300.

DRINKS: At the drinks break GUY are 288/9 off 101 overs with Beaton on 7* and Bess yet to get off the mark. Imran Khan replaced Emrit at the Brian Lara end and conceded two runs off the over.

The first hour’s play produced 28 runs for the loss of three wickets. T&T will be hoping to wrap up Guyana’s first innings as quickly as possible.

After 100 overs: GUY 286/9 (Bess 0*, Beaton 5*)

A maiden over from Gabriel as Bess is unable to get bat on anything.

WICKET: Permaul c Barath b Emrit 18. GUY 286/9

Emrit finnaly gets his man. Permaul skies another and this time it goes to hand as Barath gets under it at mid-off and takes a comfrotable catch. Brandon Bess walks out to join Beaton.

AFTER 98 overs: GUY 285/8 (Beaton 4*, Permaul 18*)

Gabriel has been posing some trouble especially for Permaul who has edged a couple deliveries but was fortunate enough as the did not go to hand. He clobbered Gabriel’s last delivery over extra-cover for six. Good shot by permaul.

After 95 overs: GUY 267/8 (Permaul 5*, Beaton 0*)

Emrit has been keeping a line just outside offstump but he has been a bit wide and not forcing the batsmen to play.

Guyana has lost two wickets for the addition of seven runs in five overs.

WICKET: Chanderpaul c Gullien b Gabriel 80. GUY 262/8

Excellent bowling by Gabriel. Chanderpaul got one that was quick, short and rising. He attempted to play it on the onside and was beaten for pace. The ball came off the top edge and lobbed to Gullein at gully where he accetpet the catch.

Disappointment for Shiv Cahnderpaul as he falls short of another regional hundred.

After 92 overs: GUY 261/7 (Chanderpaul 80*, Permaul 0*)

Permaul is greeted by some short rising deliveries from Grabiel. He keep the batsman honest with his line and length.

WICKET: Christian c wk Mohammed b Emrit 18 GUY 260/7

Great start by T&T. Emrit kept a tight line to Christian first over and got the batsman to edge one through to Mohammed behind the stumps.

START of Play:  T&T have taken the new ball with and Rayad Emrit will start to Christian from the Brian Lara End.

DAY 1 RECAP: T&T won the toss and opted to field. This move looked to be the right one when they reduced GUyana to 87/4 a couple overs after lunch. However, a 138-run partnership between Narsingh Deonarine (87) and Shiv Chanderpaul (79*) saw Guyana recover to be 260/6 off 90 overs at the close of play.

They will resume their batting in a short while with Chanderpaul and Derwin Christian (18*) looking to push the score further along.

Good morning folks and welcome to our LIVE coverage of the second day’s play in the WICB Regional Four-Day Tournament’s sixth round fixture between Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) and Guyana (GUY) at the Queen’s Park Oval, Port of Spain, Trinidad.


T&T: Rayad Emrit (Captain), Justin Guillen, Adrian Barath, Marlon Barclay, Jason Mohammed, Aneil Kanhai, Imran Khan, Kevon Cooper, Gibran Mohammed, Shannon Gabriel, Teshawn Castro, Emile Rajah, Kavesh Kantasingh.

Guyana: Christopher Barnwell, Ronsford Beaton, Brandon Bess, Shivnarine Chanderpaul (Captain), Derwin Christian, Royston Crandon, Narsingh Deonarine, Assad Fudadin, Trevon Griffith, Chanderpaul Hemraj, Leon Johnson, Veerasammy Permaul, Ramnaresh Sarwan


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