Clerk kidnapped after car rammed, robbed of $4M

Police say that at about 1300h. yesterday, Joel Ali, 25 years, a clerk attached to H. Nauth and Sons Construction Company, was driving his motor car along South Road, Georgetown, when another motor vehicle that was travelling behind, hit the rear of his vehicle.

Ali stopped and came out of his vehicle and was confronted by two men who exited the other vehicle, held him at gunpoint and forced Ali back into his vehicle.

The men blindfolded  Ali and took him to an unknown destination where he was assaulted and robbed of $4 million and a cheque valued $4 million and then tied him up, after which the men escaped in the victim’s black Toyota Raum PNN 5004.

At about 0300h today police said Ali managed to free himself and found that he was on the Soesdyke/Linden Highway.  He managed to make his way to the Police Patrol Base on the Highway where he reported the matter.

Investigations are in progress.


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