Big salaries for T&T top cops

(Trinidad Express) Police Commissioner Dwayne Gibbs makes TT$108,992 a month (TT$1,307, 900 million a year) while Deputy Commissioner Jack Ewatski makes TT$104,000 a month (TT$1, 248,000 million annually), National Security Minister John Sandy disclosed yesterday.

Sandy was responding to a question in the Senate, Tower D, Waterfront Centre, Port of Spain, filed by PNM Senator Pennelope Beckles.

Sandy said while the terms and conditions of the CoP and Deputy CoP fell within the purview of the Salaries Review Commission, having regard to the fact that the selected persons were required to relocate to a foreign jurisdiction, it was considered prudent that the parties receive a remuneration package commensurate with the compensation received in the country of origin.

He said after careful deliberations that the compensation packages were arrived at.

The monthly package for Gibbs consists of: salary- TT$25,000, duty allowance — TT2,650, transport allowance —TT $3,250, telephone allowance —TT $500, inducement — TT$72,592, travel grant —TT $5,000.

The monthly package for Ewatski consists of: salary — TT$21,700, duty allowance —TT $2,200, transport allowance — TT$3,250, telephone allowance —TT $400, inducement allowance — TT$52,950, travel grant —TT $5,000, housing allowance —TT $3,850, housing supplement —TT $14,650.

Sandy said terms and conditions of both contracts provided for a signing bonus for both officers. For Gibbs the bonus was TT$60,000, of which 50 per cent TT($30,000) was payable upon signing the contract and 25 per cent (TT$15,000) at the end of the first and second years. For Ewatski the signing bonus was TT$50,000, 50 per cent (TT$25,000) payable upon signing and 25 per cent (TT$12,500) at the end of the first and second years.

He said other entitlements for both the Commissioner of Police and the Deputy Commissioner of Police are an official car, fully maintained; an official driver; an official residence fully furnished and maintained by the State; uniforms free of charge; thirty days vacation leave; medical benefits; entertainment (actual expenses); loan of TT$250,000 for the purchase of a vehicle and to cover the insurance premiums; excess baggage allowance and lastly upon the successful completion of the term of engagement each officer is entitled to a gratuity of 20 per cent of the gross salary earned over the period of employment excluding allowances.

PNM Senator Fitzgerald Hinds asked whether the two local deputy Commissioners were enjoying the benefit of the inducement allowances.

Sandy said they were not because these allowances were given because Gibbs and Ewatski had removed themselves from their jurisdiction to Trinidad and Tobago.

Sandy said the Police Service Commission has established specific performance standards, the attainment of which the Police Service Executive is required to ensure.

These performance standards are:

1) A greater level of cooperation in the Service;

2) Completed plans of all operations and measurable targets;

3) Detailed and timely responses to requests and queries made by the PSC;

4) Improved detection rates and use of resources;

5) Improved visibility of police officers and patrols on the streets and highways;

6) Improved efficiency of response to citizens’ reports and requests for assistance;

7) Improved performance of the emergency rapid response unit;

8) Increased court attendance by officers;

9) Improved organisation of the public education and information programme;

10) Improved manpower development mechanisms;

11) Enhanced discipline among the ranks and improvements in the integrity of the service;

12) Self-appraisals to be conducted by each member of the TTPS Executive;

13) Display of a higher level of strategic leadership by the Executive; 14) detailed strategies for succession planning and career management.

Asked whether the Minister was provided with data on the performance targets, Sandy said this remained under the purview of the PSC.


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