Guard accused of stealing $3.7M from Fip Motilall

Kalibur Security employee, Terry Mohan  was  granted bail in the sum of $75,000 by Magistrate Sueann Lovell yesterday after pleading not guilty to stealing articles and cash to the value of $3,714,000, property of businessman Fip Motilall.

It was alleged that Mohan who is employed by Kalibur Security Company was assigned to Motilall’s John Smith Street, Section M Campbellville home.

It was stated that Motilall on March 8 secured his home and went on abusiness trip and while he was away  he received information from an employee that someone had broken into his home. He returned home and discovered that the grille at the northern  window  had been cut open and articles and cash to the value of $3,714,000 were missing.

Mohan was questioned and denied any knowledge of the matter but he later said that he was stuck up by three men.

However, when the images from the CCTV camera were viewed the accused was seen with three men in the yard. Mohan was subsequently arrested and charged.

The accused complained about having serious medical ailments and said that being incarcerated was taking a toll on him since he was not getting to take care of himself.

Magistrate Lovell granted him bail on condition that he must report to the Brickdam Police Station every Monday.

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