H. Nauth and Sons clerk staged abduction, robbery – police

-suspected accomplices held, $2.1M recovered

Joel Ali, the H. Nauth and Sons Construction Company clerk that claimed he was kidnapped and robbed of $4M in cash on Monday, staged the robbery, according to police.

Ali, 25, remains in custody while two other men have been arrested and another is being sought. Police yesterday said that $2.1M has been recovered and a reliable source told Stabroek News that the two men who were held, one a current employee and a former employee, have been connected with the staging of the robbery. The other suspect, identified as the former employee’s cousin, is said to be on the run.

Ali reported that he was abducted and robbed on Monday of $4 million in cash and a cheque valued $4 million. However, the source said that Ali has admitted to police that it was a scheme between him and the others implicated and further indicated that the lacerations he suffered on his back were apart of the sham.

It was explained that Ali, on Monday last, was required to collect money from drivers attached to the company and have it taken and deposited at the bank. The man, who has been employed at the company for about a year, is usually trusted to carry out this duty and a company vehicle is usually used. However, on this particular occasion, Ali used his personal car.

It was pointed out that the transaction was on behalf of K&K Gas Station, which is affiliated with H. Nauth and Sons Construction Company.

Police said Ali reported that he was driving his black Toyota Raum PNN 5004 along South Road, Georgetown around 1 pm when another vehicle collided with him from behind. He said he parked his vehicle as it was and came out and was confronted by two men who had exited the other vehicle. Ali was reportedly held at gunpoint and forced back into his vehicle where he was blindfolded and taken to an unknown destination.

There, police said the man was assaulted, robbed of $4 million and a cheque valued at $4 million and left tied up while the perpetrators escaped in his vehicle. The release further stated that Ali managed to free himself the following day around 3 am and only then realised his location. He then proceeded to the Police Patrol Base along the highway, where the matter was reported.

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