Pensioner dies in Farm fire

A pensioner was burnt to death in a fire which started in his house at Farm, East Bank Essequibo around 4:30 this morning; another house in the yard was also burnt separately.

The charred remains of Godfrey Alexander, 72, known as ‘Hell Fire’ were discovered in the upper flat of the house. He was popular for playing the congo drum.

An elderly couple who was occupying the bottom-flat of Alexander’s house is reportedly missing. The other house in the yard that was destroyed belonged to the man’s sister.

Neighbours told this newspaper that the two houses were far apart and that the second fire was not as a result of the first.

A woman said she was about to get up from bed when she heard persons asking frantically for a phone number. She said she looked out and saw the blaze and within five minutes the other house started to burn.


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