Remains at Wisroc could be missing man ‘Fish’

Contractors attached to Guyana Water Inc. (GWI) while laying pipes were shocked when they stumbled on the remains of a man while they were working in the vicinity of the Wisroc Water Treat-ment Plant last weekend.

The remains are believed to be that of 74-year-old Randolph  Ervin DeFlorimonte, also known as ‘Fish’, of Lot 8 Wisroc Housing Scheme who went missing on  Thursday last.

According to one of the man’s sons, Troy, he saw his father the previous Wednesday.

Randolph Ervin DeFlorimonte

“Thursday they said that he left home and he didn’t come back,” said Troy. He suggested that his father may have lost his way home while in a drunken state after attending a wake some distance from where his remains were discovered.

“I think he went to deh wake and drink and went off course when he left to come back home. I can’t think of nothing else,” Troy said.

According to the son, on  Saturday while the workers were digging prior to the laying of pipelines in the sparsely populated area, they stumbled on the remains and the police were called in.

Stabroek News was informed that the remains are believed to be those of the missing man since his Identification Card and other personal belongings were found on the scene.

The man’s family said that they did make a missing person’s report on Friday at the Wisroc Police Station although the required 72-hour period had not elapsed.  They said that a post-mortem examination is yet to be performed.

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