Police await infant’s autopsy before laying charge

-father in custody, mother released

Investigators are today expected to know precisely how the two-month-old, who was used a shield during a violent confrontation between his parents, died.

An autopsy will be performed on the remains of Andy Hunte, of Le Ressouvenir, East Coat Demerara..

Crime chief Seelall Persaud told Stabroek News yesterday that the father of the infant, who remained elusive from law enforcement authorities after taking the child to the hospital, was captured and that police are awaiting the autopsy results before laying charges.

He said that the father admitted that the child was hit during an altercation between him and the woman. The mother of the baby was released on station bail but will continue to assist police.

The child died while undergoing emergency surgery at the Georgetown Public Hospital Coperation on Tuesday afternoon. Hospital officials said that he was unconscious at the time he was brought in with a gaping wound to his forehead and lacerations to his tiny frame.

He was taken to the facility by his father, who told hospital officials that the mother of the baby had tried to hit him while he had the child in his arms but he shielded himself and the baby was hit in the process. However, when the infant’s mother was arrested, she informed the police that it was the father who tried hitting her during a fight and served the fatal blow to the baby.

When Stabroek News visited the Le Ressouvenir community on Tuesday evening, residents said the mother and father are well known in the area since they would often have public disputes.

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