Shahid Afridi attacks fan at airport

KARACHI, (Reuters) – Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi attacked and slapped a fan at Karachi airport after he returned home from Dhaka where Pakistan won the Asia Cup final against Bangladesh today.

Pakistan television channels showed Afridi, wearing a pink T-shirt, first push a youth to the ground and then slap him before his brother intervened and pulled him away in a melee on Friday night.

The incident took place shortly after Afridi had spoken to the media and praised Bangladesh for their outstanding performance in the Asia Cup final.

The footage showed Afridi heading for a waiting car when he turned around and attacked the youth and then pointed his finger at another man before his brother stepped in.

Afridi told reporters he had lost his temper because his young daughter Ajwa had been pushed to the ground.

“I know what I did was wrong, I should have controlled my temper,” he said. “But when I saw my little daughter pushed to the ground I couldn’t take it and lost my cool.”

Afridi, 32, has been banned and fined twice by the International Cricket Council during a controversial career.

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