Former boxer died of smoke inhalation, autopsy finds

-had been in property dispute

The autopsy performed yesterday on the man who perished in Thursday’s fire at his Farm, East Bank Essequibo home found that he died of smoke inhalation, while his sister said that the property he was living on was the subject of a dispute.

Former boxer Godfrey Alexander, 72, died early Thursday morning in his house, which went up in flames shortly after the cottage at the front began burning. Authorities have said that they suspect that it was an arson attack, since there was no visible evidence that Alexander’s house was burnt from flames spreading from the cottage at the front, given the distance apart and the fact that the many trees which separated them remained un-scorched.

Alexander’s sister, Jahmilah Rahaman, who is blind, yesterday visited Stabroek News and informed that she was the owner of the destroyed cottage located in the front yard. She said she only learnt of the fires and her brother’s demise after listening to the news yesterday morning.

Many neighbours and friends of Alexander were left in a state of bewilderment, since they said that they could not think of a reason anyone would set the houses on fire because he was an affable person. However, his sister said that there was a current property dispute between her brother and persons she did not wish to name. “The land is a dispute land with him and some villagers, because they say the land is lease land and they want it but it is transport land and he get the transport,” she said.

Rahaman added that she used to live near her brother but moved to the city three years ago to better meet her medical needs, since she is blind and needs support for walking. Rahaman said that her house was left furnished, since she would often visit her brother every month and stay over. She is now saddened not only because of the death of her older brother but because all her household items and the walker she uses was destroyed in the fire.

The woman is appealing to the public, especially her Muslim brothers and sisters, for any assistance, saying that she is in dire need of another walker.

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