Suriname gov’t adamant about amendment to Amnesty Act

(de Ware Tijd) PARAMARIBO — ‘After the amendments in the Amnesty Act are passed I will issue a statement.’ Advisor to the president and leader of the New Generation Godsbazuin, Steve Meye, is unmistakably clear: the controversial bill for amending the Act will pass. Bisschop Meye, as a personal advisor to the president, has not discussed the bill with him. ‘The bill was not introduced by the president.’ The cleric refuses to state his opinion on the bill, adding that he will do so when the amendments have passed. Meye is convinced that the bill will not stall in Parliament due to the coalition’s majority. The Inter-religion Council (IRIS), however, has urged Parliament to ignore the bill, fearing it would introduce a dictatorship in Suriname. The IRIS, which comprises the Madjilies Moeslimien Suriname, Surinam Islamisitic Association, the Catholic Church, Arya Dewaker and the Sanatan Dharm, is deeply shocked over the bill that proposes to amend the 1992 Amnesty Act. The amended Act, if passed, will allow main suspect Desi Bourtse and all other suspects to go free in the 8 December murder trial.


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