Bajan PM opening to meeting with REDjet

(Barbados Nation) Prime Minister Freundel Stuart says he is prepared to meet with top officials of Barbadian-based REDjet to discuss the way forward for the grounded low-cost carrier.

But in light of its March 16 decision to suspend all regional flights, Stuart cautioned that his willingness to meet was not any indication that Government would be meeting REDjet’s request for an official subsidy.

“These are very challenging times and I will have to see whether, in light of everything else that is happening, responding to REDjet’s request is practicable,” said Stuart, in response to an appeal made by the cash-strapped carrier for it to be given “a small part” of the state assistance that other competing airlines receive.

While not agreeing outright to REDjet’s request, the Prime Minister said he did not underestimate the kind of service that the low-cost carrier could render to Barbados and the rest of the region.


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