Police probing man’s death after fall from motorcycle

A man who reportedly fell off a motorcycle near a Brazilian restaurant in Georgetown succumbed on Friday and police are investigating the matter.

Lakshminarine Persaud, 38,  known as ‘Robbie’,  passed away after he was said to have fallen off a motorcycle in front of the Churrascaria e Peixaria Restaurant at  48 Light and Fourth streets, Alberttown, Georgetown, on Friday night.

Residents of the community were shocked at the news of his demise  but told Stabroek News that the man had been seriously ill. They said that “he live in the hospital”, since he was often being admitted for protracted periods and for the same reason he was also unemployed.

He reportedly spent many days walking the streets or helping out at a nearby mechanic shop.

When Stabroek News visited the area no one seemed to know any of his relatives but they said that he resided with a friend named Razac, called ‘Chrissy’.

However, some residents are questioning whether the man fell off of a red motorbike which was parked on the pavement in front of the Brazilian restaurant or if he was pushed off the motorcycle.

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