Joiner on larceny charge gets $250,000 bail

A joiner who is on a charge of larceny  was placed on $250,000 bail yesterday when he appeared before acting Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court.

Jason Lawrence, 23, of 7 Broad Street, Charlestown,  pleaded not guilty to the charge when it was read to him.

It is alleged that on March 23 at 50 Russell Street, Charlestown, the accused broke and entered the dwelling of David Grant and removed a television set, a play station, a Blackberry cellular phone, an amplifier, a touch screen piano, a Sony music set and $45,000 in cash, all valuing a total of $729,500.

On the day of the incident,  the virtual complainant (VC) was awakened  by noise in his home and subsequently made  checks. It was then that he discovered the articles missing and his front door open.

He then went to Broad Street where he found the defendant in the company of two others and the men began to run when they saw the VC.

A report was made and the accused was arrested and charged while his alleged accomplices escaped.

There was much deliberation as to whether bail should be granted since the prosecution stated that the accused was a flight risk and he would hinder the ongoing investigations if given pre-trial liberty.

Defence counsel Ronald Burch-Smith stated that the prosecution needed  to explain how his client was a flight risk, and the prosecution responded that it was  not certain how he would leave the jurisdiction.

The accused had two prior convictions when he was a minor. He was charged on both occasions with the  possession of narcotics.  The prosecution also stated that the accused was found with some of the stolen items.

The  lawyer in his bail application stated that his client’s father is an ex-policeman who would ensure that he attends court if granted bail.
He further stated that his client did not abstain from attending court in the two previous matters.

After listening to both sides the acting chief magistrate  granted bail.  The matter will continue today.