Gunmen raid Campbellville salon

Two gunmen last evening invaded a salon at First Street, Campbellville and escaped with cash and jewellery; renewing calls by residents for streets lights and nightly police patrols.

From all indications the robbery was a random one. When Stabroek News arrived at the Heavenly Wave salon police ranks had already visited the scene.

A terrified Gailann Henry recounted to Stabroek News that sometime after 7 pm she and a customer were waiting on a taxi when two men entered the salon asking for ‘Samantha’.

It was explained that a street light which was installed by Henry was stolen sometime last week. As a result the area was dark.

Henry said that the men parked their car, a 212 Carina  a short distance from the entrance to the Heavenly salon.

She said she told the men that she did not know the person they were asking for.

From all indications the customer realized what was happening and ran to the back of the building screaming.

Henry said that a gun was placed to her head and she was relieved of her gold jewellery valued $80 000.

The woman who has been operating the salon for about two years said that the men also picked up the customer’s bag and fled.

The woman who was still visibly shocked said that she is just thankful to be alive.

Meanwhile the customer said that she did not believe that she was followed. The robbery occurred about two hours after she had arrived at the salon.

The customer who did not want her name published said that she also lost important documents.

Residents meanwhile say that First Street is a dangerous place at night.

They said that a few years ago a man was gunned down a short distance from the salon.

It was noted too that security guards at the post office and persons using the road become easy targets for robbers who would hide out in the Camptown football field.

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