Kumaka residents plan to protest over waterfront revetment

Residents of Kumaka in the Mabaruma Sub-Region are expected to picket the offices of the regional administration over concerns about revetment works and other projects in Region One.

Stabroek News was told that members of the business community at Kumaka recently informed the regional administration of their dissatisfaction with the state of the Kumaka waterfront, including the scope of revetment works being undertaken.

A resident said yesterday that the regional authorities have remained silent on the issue even as works continue. She said that at the moment, truck loads of earth are being dumped at the waterfront while residents were informed that the private contractor who is completing the project is being paid $15,000 per load.

The resident added that the trucks have been travelling to the site “almost half full” but the contractor has been charging for a full load. She said that that the tie rods intended to support the revetment and which were placed at the site several weeks after the project failed, are exerting pressure on the works.

“It worse now because the revetment now putting pressure on the whole landscape there because as it lean, the whole area getting weaker,” a businessman said.

He added that residents are grateful that the media is highlighting issues within the region, since “we got many things happening in this area that passing under we nose.” He said that residents of Kumaka and neighbouring communities are being mobilised and they plan to picket the regional administration’s office next week.

Fish farm

Meanwhile, the Amerindian Affairs Ministry is planning to respond to concerns about livelihood projects in Region One. Permanent Secretary Nigel Dharamlall told Stabroek News yesterday that the ministry should have been consulted on issues reported by this newspaper, which include the Tobago Hill fish farm that Minister Pauline Sukhai hailed as a success although it has not gotten off the ground.

Minister Sukhai will soon address the issues, which include several misconceptions, according to Dharamlall.

This newspaper had made several unsuccessful attempts to obtain  information from the ministry on issues being reported on within the region over the past two weeks.

Stabroek News had reported recently on several initiatives which the government had implemented under the National Secure Livelihoods Programme (NSLP) in 2009.

Sukhai had reported that the Tobago Hill fish rearing farm and a crab fattening farm at Aruka Mouth were progressing, but visits to the region last week indicated otherwise.

APNU parliamentarian Richard Alleyne has since called on the authorities to make a full disclosure about the status of projects under the programme.

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