Fined $30,000 for shattering bus windscreen

A vendor who admitted to damaging the front windscreen of his half brother’s bus was ordered to pay a fine of $30,000 or serve six weeks imprisonment by Magistrate Hazel Octave-Hamilton at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

Terrence Boodhan pleaded guilty to maliciously damaging the property of Woodheed Phillips on Tuesday at Commerce Street.

It was reported that the defendant saw the man’s vehicle parked on the street and picked up a bottle and lashed the windscreen, causing it to shatter. The windscreen is valued at $49,000. The accused was later arrested and charged.

The man, however, told the court a different story. He stated that he and the virtual complainant (VC) have  their own differences and the VC was in the area driving when he saw him.

He then hit him and drove off. The man stated that he reacted by running alongside the bus and hitting  the windscreen with his hand, but did not realize that it was shattered.

He stated that “he come back and put me in the bus and tell me he tekking me to the hospital and when I look I end up at the station.”

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