President’s College, Mae’s face off in ‘Know Your Stuff’ quiz finals

President’s College (PC) and Mae’s Secondary School will vie for the championship title at the finals of the “Know Your Stuff” quiz series tonight.

According to a press release from Guyenterprise, the one-hour programme will be aired on NCN Channel 11 at 7.30pm.  Shanice Dawson, Fanilla Reddy and Otis Chase will be representing PC, while Joshua Amin, Waheeda Shaw and Denita Gillis will be representing Mae’s.

Quiz Mistress for the series, Dr Joyce Jonas, “compiled hundreds of questions from all the text books that the students have studied for this year’s CSEC English B examination,” the release said.

The programme started in early February and involved 16 top secondary schools from across the country.

The Ministry of Education selected the schools. The series, where students won individual prizes at every stage, was sponsored by the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company.

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