164 teachers dismissed last year for breach of conduct, sexual abuse


The Teaching Service Commission (TSC) has said it dismissed 164 teachers last year for breaches of conduct, including sexual and verbal abuse and indulging in improper relationships with students.

In a press release, the TSC said the Disciplinary Committee recommended that the teachers found guilty of touching/fondling students, vulgar and improper behaviours in schools be interdicted from duty. In addition, two head teachers were demoted: one for forgery and one for neglect of duty, misconduct and irregularity. Forty-three resignations were submitted and accepted.

It further said that it was forced to take corrective action against teachers enrolled at the University of Guyana who did not properly apply for releases to attend classes and instead left their classrooms unattended.

The TSC also appointed 510 junior teachers, in keeping with its mandate. These teachers were selected from hundreds of applicants, many of whom possessed 10 or more CXC passes with grades 1 and II but with Grade IV or lower in English Language and/Mathematics. A pass of Grade III and higher in English and Mathematics is compulsory for appointment as temporary/Qualified Master/Mistress; however, the ministry “is conducting programmes that will soon change this scenario,” the release said.

In the case of junior appointments, some vacancies were not filled because of the lack of eligible applicants in specific technical fields in proximity to the catchment area of some schools; applicants with passes in technical fields lack the requisite grades in English and Mathematics and the unavailability of housing in some riverain areas, the TSC noted.

The Commission also visited a number of regions to host discussions with Regional Education Officers and education staff and to address their concerns. It is now starting to process applications for senior promotions this year.

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