Man pardoned by Bouterse arrested after brawl

(de Ware Tijd) PARAMARIBO – Romano Meriba, who was recently controversially pardoned by president Desi Bouterse has been arrested by the police after getting into a fight in a dancing where two groups started a brawl. One policeman was severely beaten up, while a civilian had to be hospitalized. Meriba is not the only one arrested in this case. De Ware Tijd learned from police sources that the policeman in question is not exactly a ‘mama’s boy’ and he has been disciplined more than once for crossing the line. His last transgression was when his gun was stolen while he was sleeping off his drunkenness. Police officials are not surprised the man was involved in the fight. Police public relations officer Humphrey Naarden told de Ware Tijd that after investigation and in agreement with the Public Prosecutor’s office all arrested were sent off. Naarden denies allegations that Meriba had been freed by the Counter Terrorism Unit from his cell at Geyersvlijt. Meriba received nationwide media exposure when he was individually selected for pardon after a robbery which claimed a life. The issue dragged on also because Meriba is allegedly the president’s foster son and society wondered whether the president has justifiably granted him pardon.


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