More GT&T cables vandalised

Telephone and other telecommunication services for thousands of customers around central Georgetown have been repeatedly disrupted over the past weeks as a result of what seems to be organized rampant vandalism, GT&T said today.

It says its records indicate more than twelve attacks over the past weeks.

Today it said that there were two reports of a 200 and 300 pair of distribution cables being vandalized in Independence and James streets Albouystown and Meadow Brook/Durban Backlands respectively.

A 200 pair of cable in the Sophia area was also today vandalized after it was repaired over the weekend having been vandalized on Friday.

Some of the other areas vandalized between February 22 and March 2, GT&T said are: Liliendaal, Church Street, Woolford Avenue, Kara Kara Linden, Sophia, Houston Public Road and South Road which was vandalized four times during this period.

GT&T said that the repeated vandalism of the South Road Cable has affected commercial activities at Demerara and Citizens Banks.

“We encourage communities across Guyana to be vigilant in looking out for these vandals and helping us protect our equipment so that we can offer vital telephone services to our customers.

“In excess US$2M was expended to effect repairs caused by vandalism during 2011 and had pushed back installation of 350 new lines, and repairs to over 300 faults”, GT&T said.

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