CADVA teams up with Dreamcatchers for event at NYU

Come next Monday the Caribbean American Domestic Violence Awareness (CADVA) will continue its activism through the teaming up with Dreamcatchers to host an empowerment session at the New York University in NYC.

The event, which would also see exhibits depicting domestic violence in the Caribbean communities, will be in the form of an interactive session.  According to a press release, Operation Dreamcatchers strives to be the leading NYU chapter of a newly found not-for-profit organization that collects monetary donations to alleviate medical disparities via the purchase of medical supplies for underprivileged charitable institutions, such as hospitals and clinics, in underdeveloped countries.

The monetary donations collected as a result of brochures, flyers, and organized fundraisers will be used to purchase the needed medical supplies. These supplies will be sent to the intended charitable institution, where visiting members of Operation Dreamcatchers will ensure they are properly received by beneficiaries

CADVA was launched on February 25 in Orlando, Florida, USA and later in Guyana with its goal being to leave a legacy and a roadmap behind for any one person who thinks he or she cannot make a difference.

“When victims have no more strength, CADVA will be their strength. When they have been silenced, CADVA will be their voice. When they have been made to feel worthless, CADVA will transform them into priceless gems,” the association said in its mission statement.

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