Neal and Massy to close debt-ridden Almond Beach, 500 to lose jobs

(Barbados Nation) Employees and shareholders yesterday reacted with shock to news of the impending closure of Almond Beach Village at monthend, which puts more than 500 workers out of work.

During an emotionally charged session held in the hotel’s conference room, former Opposition Leader Mia Mottley was among those expressing surprise over the announcement by Neal & Massy that the St Peter property would abruptly close on April 30.

She reminded the Trinidadian owners that Barbadians had boycotted cricket back in 1992 in protest of the exclusion of homeboy Anderson Cummins from the regional side.

However, when challenged by the company’s president and CEO Gervase Warner on the matter, Mottley, who was representing her father Elliott Mottley, a shareholder, defended her statement saying it should not be construed as any veiled threat levelled against Neal & Massy, even though she did signal to the company that it needed “to act in a way as not to occasion any backlash”.

Doreen Mottley  did not hide her shock and sadness after hearing the news that Almond Beach Village would be closed at the end of this month.

The long-serving employee, who was at Almond from its inception, said the hotel represented the blood, sweat and tears of the staff. The news of the closure she said hit her “like Tomas”.

“A lot of tears will fall today. This is very bad news,” Mottley said as she choked back tears.

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