T&T Schoolgirl, 5, ‘attacked, beaten’ in principal’s office

(Trinidad Express) Sangre Grande police officers are investigating a report by the parents of a five-year-old primary school pupil who complained she was dragged into the principal’s office by an older male pupil and assaulted.

Vikash Singh, the father of the child, told the Express his daughter told them that the incident occurred at around 2 p.m. on March 23.

Singh said his daughter reported she and her friends were playing in the yard of the Guaico Presbyterian School when she was approached by the older male pupil who started pulling her towards the principal’s office which, she said, was unoccupied at the time.

It is alleged that the boy threw the crying child on the ground, pulled down her underwear and proceeded to punch her private parts repeatedly. It is also alleged that the boy threatened to cut her throat.

The child reported that she was in pain and was trying to get away but the alleged assault continued until her class teacher allegedly pushed open the door and found the children there.

Singh, a prisons officer, said he was told by his wife that she went to collect the child after school and the child was sweating and crying.

“My wife told me when she got home, my daughter told her that her privates were hurting and scratching,” Singh said.

“She took my daughter into the bathroom and she saw that the area was swollen, bruised and discoloured. My wife asked her if someone touched her there and she started to relate the story about the big boy.

“I was at work in Arouca when my wife called me. I told my boss that I had to leave right away.”

Singh said he and his wife took their daughter to the Sangre Grande Police Station at around 10.25 p.m. where they made a report. This was confirmed by Sgt Wayne Mystar of the Public Affairs Unit of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service. Mystar said all protocols were followed and investigations are continuing.

The child was also taken to the Sangre Grande Hospital where she was examined by a doctor and a medical report was given to the police.

A report was also made at the Sangre Grande District Office of the Ministry of Education.

An employee of the school, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told the Express that police officers, together with Ministry of Education officials, visited the school and conducted enquiries.

The employee said the child, at first, allegedly pointed out three boys from one class but then pointed out another boy from another class.

It is also alleged that none of her friends who were said to be with her at the time of the incident were able to provide any information about the alleged incident.

Only one week ago, Matthew Koylass, an 11-year-old pupil of the Grant Memorial Presbyterian School, reported that he was choked by two schoolmates who used a skipping rope to commit the act.

Koylass, who is scheduled to write the Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) examination in May, was taken to the Accident and Emergency Department of the San Fernando General Hospital where he was treated for bruises and scratches to his neck.


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